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22 October
The name is Michael Dammer, i am 12 years old and im in 11th grade. I read at a 3rd grade level and spell like a "retard". My journal is friends only, but theirs no way to comment to be added so i just add people at random. word. it doesnt make much sence but i am gay.
2pac, 40's, 5 dollar shakes, 80's rock, abbott, ac/dc, aids, aim, axl rose, bad music, beer, being drunk, being fucked up, biggie, bin laden weed, blinded by the light, blow, blunts, bob dylan, bongs, burning stuff, cocaine, cock rock, coke, curbing niggers, cutting, dio, dr. dre, drifting, drinking, driving, easy e, eating food, eric clapton, evans house, foundation, fsu, fuck shit up, fucking shit up, gannon, gay bashing, gay sex, getting drunk, getting high, glenn danzig, good movies, good music, guns n roses, hardflips, harold and kumar, hash, heroine, hiv, hollywood, hoping fences, ice cube, iron maiden, jack daniels, jimi hendrix, jimmy page, john travolta, joints, journey, jules winnfield, larry the cable guy, led zeppelin, lighting fires, los angeles, lynching niggers, mackenzie, manfred mann, marijuanna, marsellus wallace, master p, miata, morphine, motley crue, necrophilia, new wheels, nollie flips, norv turner, nwa, off campus lunches, pauly shore, pig wheels, pink floyd, pipes, plants, pot, pulp fiction, purple haze, quinten tarintino, raiders, rap music, ruckus, rum, sammuel l jackson, santa monica, shooting up, silver and black, skateboarding, skid row, slash, smoking, soda, speed, suicide, summer, swearing, swich fs bigspins, taco bell, team america, team america world police, thats my bush, the beatles, the bus, the misfits, the oakland raiders, the oc, tumyeto, tweak, tying my shoes, tymb, vandalism, vincent vega, vodka, weed, white, white castle, wine, zombies